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Rhumbling in Oz

So what did Ant and Dec think of their trip to Oz? Here’s the goss...

What’s been your first reaction to Australia?
Ant: It’s been surprising how many people knew us and came to the airport and the hotel and stuff - it just blew us away really. I mean, after having, what, an 18 hour flight and then getting off and getting a reaction like that, it just wakes you up!
Dec: We even got it at baggage reclaim at the airport! We were waiting for our luggage to come round the carousel and suddenly we heard this chanting, "ANT AND DEC, ANT AND DEC!" And I said, "Huh?" Then the airport security guard came out and said, "Right, we’ve got to organise it so we can get you out of the airport." We couldn’t believe it! When we came out there were about 150 fans out there chanting. Every time we go to a country for the first time, there’s usually about five or six fans at the airport, and they want to be the first to welcome you to their country, but this time we were blown away.
Ant: We were really chuffed! I mean, I had to look around - I thought Oasis were coming!

What do you think of Australian people?
Ant: Sound, really friendly. They’re sort of like Geordies in a way because they’re so friendly!
Dec: We went down Oxford Street ( trendy Sydney area ) to a couple of bars down there for a few games of pool, and loads of people were coming up to us saying, (puts on crap Aussie accent ), "How ya going, mate?"
Ant: It’s brilliant! Even when you get your breakfast, the waitresses are like, "Hi, how are you today!"
Dec: Yeah, in London, they’d be like ( grumpily ), "Uuurgh, here’s your breakfast," then they slump out!

Have you noticed the water swirls down the sink a different way in Oz?
Dec: Yeah, I noticed that when I as brushing my teeth!
Ant: Did you?
Dec: I was looking for it, ‘cause I remember people saying it and I didn’t know whether it was true or not, but it really is true!

Have you started saying "G’day" yet?
Dec: ( laughs ) Someone told me, "Don’t say ‘g’day’ to anybody or you’ll get punched in the head"! So, erm… no, we haven’t!

Who’s your favourite Australian, then?
Ant: I like Rolf Harris!
Dec: Yeah, he’s been on our show!
Ant: He painted portraits of us! He did a good one of me, but he couldn’t quite get Dec
Dec: He didn’t get me at all - I looked like Maggie Thatcher!

Are you a big fan of Australian soaps?
Dec: I like Alf!
Ant: Neighbours is really big in Britain, but it’s not as big over here, is it? I prefer Neighbours to Home and Away, anyway, Home and Away is boring! It’s just Pippa and all them kids doing the same thing! She keeps adopting all those kids, y’know what I mean?!

Have you met Kimberley Davies?
Both: Nah, unfortunately!
Dec: Actually she was in pantomime in Britain last Christmas and some of our fans went up to her and gave her keyrings of us that had been given away in a magazine. They took photos of her holding up these keyrings with our pictures on them…
Ant: It was excellent!!

What are the main differences between Britain and Australia?
Dec: People are much more laid-back and calm in Australia, whereas you go back to London and everyone’s stressed out and running to get places. If you travel on the tube in London, people never talk to you, they never even make eye contact.
Ant: I feel quite at home here.
Dec: Yeah, ‘cause when you go to most other countries you feel like a foreigner even if you’re somewhere close like Paris. It’s obviously ‘cause we speak the same language, but it makes a difference. I could definitely live here, no problem!

TV Hits, September 1996, Issue 85
Words: John Karpathakis

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