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A huge thanks to Winnie for being kind enough to type this up for me!!! :)


Ant & Dec's new TV show, Ant & Dec Unzipped, will be on your screen in February. Ant got on the blower from the studio to make sure Smash Hits were the first to know about the next television sensation...

They're back! But this time they're on Channel 4 and they claim they're going to be more outrageous than ever. "Will we get banned?" chuckled Ant. "Er, probably. If anything is more smutty than last year - real toilet humour. People say that's immature but we think it's hilarious." Well, you can judge for yourselves as Ant guides us through some of the highlights of the forthcoming series...

This is based on the original series - a really badly made '30s sci-fi thing called Flash Gordon. We've done like a spoof called Geordie Gordon and I am Geordie Gordon. Dec's the evil Emperor Mingy who lives on Planet Ponce, right. He turns this beam on all the Geordies (ie. Newcastle types) to turn them into soft southerners who drink cappucciono and go to Pret A Manger and stuff. I find out about it so I have to go up to the planet and sort this bloke out. Dec also plays Professor Clever Bloke who teams up with me to fight the Evil Emperor Mingy. It's a one minute piece in every show, every week. We filmed a lot of it in this small house in Surrey. It was some sort of children's home and you could tell things went on that shouldn't have gone on. And then we went to a quarry in December which was freezing!

We had quite a few good guests come on to Geordie Gordon. There's Dannii Minogue - she plays Princess Hotty Totty who sort of seduces me and she ties me to her bed. (Putting on really sarcastic vocie) It was hell, I hated every minute of it! Ha, ha. Good old Sean Maguire turned up. He 's here now. He's going to be in the first episode. He's going to come on our show when no-one else can come on and he's already done his bit in Geordie Gordon. There's Terry Christian, who played the head of these mindless zombies. They're all Man U fans with Cantona masks and they're in mourning because nobody loves them. Terry Christian is the leader of that, he wears lipstick and hornes and looks quite evil. And then there's Sonia. She's head of another gang - the Scousers. They all wear shell suits and they're quite roguish so we fight them as well.

Dec plays Mr Swops. You know when you're a kid and collect football stickers, you go round the playground trying to swop stickers. You go round going 'got, got, got' 'need, need, need' and Dec plays this bloke who pops up like that in everyday situations, like the butchers, going 'got, got, got'. He wears a suit and big glasses. He hated doing it - he had to look so stupid.

Peter Beardsley is comig on. We're going to do a string of things with him. You know how he's seen as a modest footballer? He's like the modest airline pilot, the modest gynaecologist - he delivers a baby..Then we've got Big Ron from EastEnders, the twins off Sweet Valley High - which I'm quite pleased about - and Nick Owen off Anne And Nick, he's a personal favourite. Oh, and Jayne Middlemiss! Phwoar!

Most of the show will be filmed in the studio. We've been given a lot more money to make the show(1 million, fact fans) so we've got a bigger set and bigger audience. We're nice to our guests. We say the odd line or too but they give us it back. It's a good laugh.


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