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Robbie Williams has crossed the bridge from Take That to successful solo artist.  He has put out two albums "Life Thru A Lens" and "I've Been Expecting You", which has done amazingly well for him!!!  Fans and critics alike have expressed nothing but the utmost admiration for his efforts!!!  His style has changed since being in Take That...he's gone more alternative/rock.. it's hard to describe his sound now.... kinda Oasisy sounding... On the "Life Thru a Lens" album however, he has this beautiful ballad on it called "Angels"... and it was that song actually that made Europe take notice and realize his talent!!!  That is my fave song off that album... On his second album I love "Millennium" and "No Regrets"....

I was lucky enough to see Robbie in concert on May 1st in Toronto, Canada at the Opera House.  It was such an amazing day.  Click here if you want to find out more about the concert and my Robbie experience!!!

Here are my fave Robbie songs.. I'm sure you will love them too!!!


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