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Ant and Dec Photo Gallery 1

Hi!! Welcome to the Ant and Dec Photo Gallery. These pictures may take a while to load, so please be patient.  Full credit goes to the photographers/magazines etc. where the pictures were taken from.  Thanks once again to Becca for scanning them for me, so I could actually have some pictures up!!! :)  Picture one was taken from Smash Hits magazine. Picture 2 is from Live and Kicking magazine.  And picture 4 is courtesy of Maya, who scanned this pic and let me use it on my web page!! :)  But as for the source, I don't know where it was taken from... Picture 5 was taken from Smash Hits magazine.... It was scanned by a good friend of mine - Nickole!!!! Thanks Nick!  :)  Click on any of the images below, to view the larger size.


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