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Here are some pictures of my friends on-line and off-line.  They are all incredibly supportive, honest and generous with their time.  If any of you have problems with me putting up your picture on my webpage, please let me know and I'll remove it immediately.  Although, one would hope there wouldn't be a problem, since this page is sort of a tribute to you.


                                                                                                                         Me and Shazz
                                                                                 The lovely and adorable Tabby.. a great      Me and Shazz in Toronto.  A great
                                                                                  friend who lives too far away                      friend who also lives too far away.. :(

Me and my lovely pen pal Helen.     Me and Sarah in Cambridge last summer.
I actually consider her a friend....     Sarah took me to my only pub in England

                                                                    We finally met at Niagara Falls..


                        Me and Christina                             Claire                                             Me and Poon, Claire's doing the bunny ears! 


My cousin Eileen                                      Me and Kavita 


Leah and Me              Sharon and Miranda              Elizabeth (Mc) and Rosebud

                           Kelly, Me, Olivia, Christine       Shuk-Ka
                            Me, Arlene, Michelle                        Kelly, Me, Olivia, Christine                        Shuk-Ka and I