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Ant and Dec Concerts/Sightings!!!!

Ever seen Ant and Dec live? Ever met them? Or perhaps seen them walking across the street? This is your chance to tell the whole world about it!!! Please e-mail me with your stories and I'll post it on this page!!!! If you don't contribute, then this won't be much of a section. But I'm sure everyone else would like to hear about your Ant and Dec concert experiences, sightings, etc., especially for those of us who have never been fortunate enough to see Ant and Dec live (like myself!!!!). So start mailing in those stories!!!! :)

Name: Becky King
Age: 14
Location: Southeast England
Date of Concert: Tuesday, May 13, 1997
Comments: It was Fabulous. I loved it even if I did hit Dec when I chucked a teddy bear at him. When they were going to do "Shout" the amp wasn't working so you couldn't hear Dec playing his oh so many chords, so Ant was just talking to us about the footie while they tried to sort it. There was this bit where a girl chucked her knickers on stage and Dec chucked them at Ant and they landed on his head. It was the best night of my life and I'm still really high about it!

Name: Lauren
Location UK
Date of Concert: Friday, May 16, 1997
Comments: I went to see the tour on Friday night, it was amazing. It was the best of there tours so far. Their bit lasted from 90 minutes, this is what they sang :
Better watch out
Stepping stone
Game of love
Stuck on u
Our radio rocks
Eternal love
U krazy katz
Master Plan
Then it was the encore which was:
Lets get ready to rhumble
When I fall in love

Name: TKY
Age: 15
Location: Singapore
Date of Concert: Friday 13th June 1997
Comments: It was a performance at Sparks Disco & they were supposed to come at 9pm but they were late, as usual! While waiting, the management played MTVs of various...includin' Take That (they r an classic!) then finally of Ant & Dec! Everyone sang along then after Falling, Shout & When I Fall In Love, it was no longer Ant & Dec & everyone protested in vain! *sob!*. Suddenly a familiar figure came out of the backstage... Nope, not Ant or Dec but their personal bodyguard! He looked around then he took out Dec's guitar!!! Everyone started screamin' & like around 10:15+pm, ANT & DEC APPEARED!!!!! They started with Better Watch Out...then all the hits like : Our Radio Rocks Eternal Love Let's Get Ready To Rhumble Falling When I Fall In Love (not in order! I might've missed out some coz I wuz so excited...I do remember that they were soooo close!!!) was really groovy & I had a helluva time! After the fab performance ended, Jasmine & me went out into the parking lot & we heard screams & loadsa ppl surroundin' this silver van... We ran over as well & screamed too...ANT & DEC!!! Then the van started movin' & some chased after it while some (like me & Jazz) took the lift... Thankfully, we reached the parkin' lot's exit b4 the van did & we waited eagerly at the sides...screams approached... Then the van appeared & some fans hit the windows of the van while snappin' shots... The van moved out & we 50+ steps to the Mandarin Hotel where the van was caught in a minor jam! Most of the vans were on Dec's side on the pavement...that would be my right if i was standin' at the back of the van...& i went over to Ant's side & waved... Ant smiled this my direction & he waved as well! Another fan came over as well & then... Dec turned over & smiled at us!!! We were so happy we kindof stopped takin' shots for a while & juz oogled 'em!!! =p Awww...but we caught shots of both of 'em smilin' a us coz!!! Then the van zoomed away... We ran into the hotel & looked ard the sign of the prob went into the basment carpark... Then the lift door opened...someone screamed & the door closed as someone from the hotel blocked the fans! The annoyin' fella threatened to call for the cops if we tried to look Ant & Dec up in their hotel rooms... So we had to leave... *sob!* I can go on abt the arrival & departure at the airport & so on but this is only on the concerts so I have to stop here...

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