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Ant & Dec's Bits and Pieces!!

Here are some little bits and pieces on Ant and Dec that didn't really fit into any of the other sections.... so I've decided to put them here.. :) Enjoy!! :) Thanks once again to Winnie for typing these up for me!!! :)

POP STAR POEMS (from Smash Hits)
Dec was just itching to express himself "poetically":

Dec on Snogging

This is my poem about snogging,
It's a favourite pastime of mine.
It gives you a wonderful feeling,
And helps in passing some time.

I don't really have a technique,
You just have to go with the flow.
I have just one little tip,
Try not to suck in or blow!

Star Signs Special (from TV Hits)

Ant and Dec are a complicated pair astrologically. Their success seems to come more from the fact they were both born in the year of Cat (Winnie's knowledgeable comment - er..i don't think this is right 'coz there's no Cat in Chinese Year..they are supposed to be Rabbit), than from their Scorpio and Libra star signs. Cats (Rabbit), after all, are well known for their performing talents and their great love of entertaining. Graceful and well mannered, Cats (Rabbit) know how to look good and, like Ant and Dec, have a keen eye for style!
People born in the year of the Cat (Rabbit) like the best of everything, and luckily for Ant and Dec, they usually get what they want. Extremely lucky in business, they find work and money easy to attract. Their charm and clever business skills make them good at negotiation, although they may be quite ruthless at times. In fact, for such a quiet nature, Cats (Rabbits) are surprisingly sharp.
Ant and Dec's popularity is definitely part of the Cat's (Rabbit's) charm. Their ability to make friends easily and keep the peace means they are extremely well liked. Warm and affectionate, Cats (Rabbits) perfer an easy life. They hate conflict and will go to great lengths to make sure their environment is a stress-free zone. Happily, most Cats (Rabbits) deal very well with setbacks, patiently going straight back to square one. And as Ant and Dec may have already found out, Cats (Rabbits) can achieve anything, as long as they don't give into pride.
However, their star signs, Scorpio and Libra, show that Ant and Dec may not always see eye to eye. Being a Libra, Dec is easy going, street-wise and full of fun. In fact, just like the Cat (Rabbit), Libra has an eye for style and appreciates the best of everything. Genuinely interested in a wide range of subjects, a Libran spends a lot of time worrying about the state of the world. Even so, there is not a lot that gets Libra down, but he does like to be in control.
Scorpios, like Ant, also like to be in control. They are more sensitive than Librans and have a talent for understanding people. Unlike Librans they are very emotional and enjoy using their brains. When it comes to talking, Libra may feel that Scorpio is too fixed in his opinions. Like the scales, Libra wants everyone to know there are two sides to everything and no matter what the conversation is about, he's likely to make his point by taking the opposite side.
Fortunately, Librans love to work in partnerships, which suits Scorpios, too. Scorpios can be quite sensitive and will appreciate the way Libra can use his charm to make any atmosphere more soothing and calm. In return, Scorpio will offer his loyalty and support, boosting Libra's ego. So it seems Ant and Dec are astrologically sound, after all!

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